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Auvergne Naturelle, Le Cros, Laval sur Doulon, France 43440

Fairy Garden

We, the fairies of Auvergne Naturelle would like to welcome you to our garden. We have lived in the forest for over 2000 years... A few years ago, Robert, Kathryn and Daisy became the guardians of the woods and with your help, they now look after us. They rebuild our houses and fix the hammocks and even keep us company by telling us stories. The woodland is a magical place, you just need to sit still and you may even hear us whispering in the trees...

Fairy Rules


Fairy Rule 1

Only children are allowed in the garden - the secret of our whereabouts must not be revealed to adults.

Fairy Rule 2

We do not like lots of noise, so please be quiet and whisper.

Fairy Rule 3

Keep your feet tucked in, whilst on the hammock. The cheeky goblins like to nibble toes when they are a bit peckish!

Fairy Rule 4

We love to have fun and we hope you do too!

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Auvergne Naturelle is located in Laval sur Doulon, a small village in the heart of the Livradois National Park. We are in the Haute Loire Department, the most southern department of the Auvergne region of France.

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Auvergne Naturelle, Le Cros, 
Laval sur Doulon, France 43440

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