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Bushcraft is an excellent way of learning about nature and the wild in a fun and exciting way and in which the whole family can enjoy. The bushcraft courses that we offer are suitable for all ages from young children to older people. All you need is an interest in nature and be willing to get stuck in and have some fun! We have a selection of courses which are available 3 times per week and last around 2- 3 hours. Courses are 20 Euros per adult and 10 Euros per child under 12.

Bushcraft Courses

Paracord Survival Bracele

Surviving the unexpected is about being prepared and just like Bear Grylls, you will be with your own paracord bracelet. Using several feet of paracord, the same nylon cord used in parachutes, it is woven into a compact bracelet and then unravelled if needed! An essential for survival and can be used for anything from marking trails, fishing, hanging a hammock,to lighting a fire! A creative and fun course with a great souvenir to take home and show your friends!

Fire Making

Learn the different techniques used to make a fire from using a fire stick to just the sun ! Once you know how - you can light the camp fire to make a delicious cake and also make the camp fire in the evening! You will learn about the best woods to use and the way in which you can create fire without any lighters or matches.


Woodland Crafts

Spend the morning whittling away, making a spoon or a walking stick. You will cut the wood from the woodland and use this to carve your own spoon or walking stick. For the younger ones, there is the popular bow and arrow making, followed with a walk through the woods to catch some wild boar or even the Beast of Gevauden - the wolf-like creature of the Auvergne! A great relaxing way to spend a morning and you can show off your end product when you arrive back home!

Tracking & Trapping

A discovery course which involves setting traps over the site to catch small mammals, insects and anything that may be swimming in the river. A wildlife camera is also used which can often capture wild boar images. Find footprints and faeces ( if you feel brave!) to help identify animals.

Target Practice

Practice your aim and fire with 20 shots of an air rifle at targets. For children age 10 and over and adults.


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Auvergne Naturelle is located in Laval sur Doulon, a small village in the heart of the Livradois National Park. We are in the Haute Loire Department, the most southern department of the Auvergne region of France.
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